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What are the Guidelines for Parties, Treats and Deliveries?

School PTA’s are responsible for the Fall/October and Valentine’s Day parties. Infants, preschool, middle school and/or high school students are not allowed in classrooms.
Treats for birthdays should be scheduled through the classroom teacher, and may be given out during the lunch period or the end of the day, but not during instructional time. Please check with your child’s school regarding birthday celebration guidelines. Due to food allergies in some classrooms, it will be necessary to check food items against buildings’ allergy lists as established by your child’s school. Birthday parties are not permitted. Invitations for out of school parties cannot be brought to school for distribution.

Deliveries for students will not be accepted at school. (i.e. floral arrangements, balloon bouquets, etc.)

Due to an increasing number of students with life threatening food and nut allergies, as well as students with special dietary needs, it is required that any food for distribution and/or instruction be nut free and be commercially labeled with ingredients.

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